Complications of hair transplant

Maybe you are one of those people who are planning to do hair transplant and are unaware of the side effects of hair transplant, or you want to know what side effects this surgery brings to people. One of the safest cosmetic surgeries is hair transplantation, which has much less side effects than other surgeries for people. Different techniques and methods of hair transplantation have made great progress in the past years. However, people should not forget that performing all these methods is still considered a type of surgery and all cosmetic surgeries will bring risks and complications for people.
If you do your hair transplant in reputable clinics and centers, the side effects of hair transplant will be more preventable and the possibility of these side effects will be much less.

Hair transplant methods
One of the most effective and best methods to restore lost hair is hair transplantation, but this surgical method, like other methods for the beauty of people, may have complications for people.
Hair transplantation by FUT method was the first method that was invented for hair transplantation, using hair transplantation by FUT method, a strip of scalp is cut from one ear to the other, and this strip of scalp is also known as FBP, which is then It is completely separated from the surgical hair grafts, and after doing this, it is planted in the areas that need hair transplantation.
Hair transplant by FIT method is another method of hair transplant. In this method of hair transplant, the individual’s hair is removed from the back of the head and planted in the empty areas in front of the head that need hair transplant. The appearance of these two hair transplant methods may be flawless, but we will introduce you to the side effects of hair transplant, stay with us.

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