Beard planting by SUT method

Nowadays, the operation of beard transplantation by the sut method, individual hair grafts are removed using special devices, which for people who intend to perform this method of beard transplantation, the cost of beard transplantation by the sut method is one of the most important issues that they think about. And it has occupied their minds. As you know, the structure of facial and head hair are completely similar and their growth rate is almost the same, in beard and hair transplant using the sut method from the hair bank that is placed at the back of the head or next to the ear. used, these hairs are a little healthier and stronger than other places. In the following, we are going to introduce you to this planting method and the cost of planting a beard using the sut method. Thank you for accompanying us to the end of this article.

What is beard transplant?

A treatment method to inspire lost hair is beard and mustache implantation, men who suffer from the absence of their beard and mustache can completely eradicate this problem by using beard implantation. Hair can be caused by various factors such as heredity, the result of surgical injuries, burns, or other factors. Some men have the idea that having a full beard or mustache is a sign of masculinity and strength They appear, this surgical method is a very excellent method for people who have lost their beard and mustache to some extent. Also, men who have scars or pimples on their face can solve this problem by using this method.

It is very important to transplant a beard in a completely natural way among men, in such a case a healthy and flawless face can be a perfect appearance for men. In general, performing this surgical procedure from the age of 20 to 22 years old when the hormones reach the base level can be done, this surgery is better for men who like their mustache or beard to be bigger and denser, but their beard and mustache hair is less dense and We are regular.

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