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One of the most important options in increasing attractiveness and beauty in people is to have thick hair, but many people suffer from hair loss for various reasons and will be dissatisfied with the situation, which can be solved by natural hair transplantation. People ended. Reasons such as the use of heating and drying devices such as hair dryers and hair irons, the use of inappropriate shampoos according to the type of hair, the use of chemical dyes to beautify the hair, genetic and hormonal diseases, etc. cause weak hair follicles. and need a hair transplant. Today, one of the most popular and practical beauty procedures in the world is hair transplantation.

What is the beauty procedure of hair transplant and how is it done?

Increasing the attractiveness of the face by having beautiful and dense hair is one of the obvious points that achieving this goal is not far from reach. The beauty process of natural hair transplantation has caused damaged or lost hair follicles to be repaired and grow again. This process consists of three stages of harvesting hair follicular units (hair graft) from the donor site (hair bank), preparing the grafts and the final stage of graft implantation.

Natural hair on the surface of the applicant’s own skin or head will be used to perform the hair transplant procedure. According to doctors, the desired and appropriate points for hair follicle donors are the back of the head between the two ears and the part below the neck. Because this area is more suitable in terms of thickness and length due to its similarity to the hair in the middle of the head. In special cases, if necessary, hair from parts of the body such as the chest is also used for people. In general, there are two methods for removing hair grafts from the back of the patient’s head, which can be called the surgical method and the non-surgical method.

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Learn more about the hair bank

The structure of the hair consists of several parts of the hair shaft or the hair strand and the hair follicle or the hair bulb. The bunches of hair that are located in an opening on the head surface are called hair grafts or hair follicular units, which are divided into single hair and multiple hair grafts. The number of hairs in each graft varies from 1 to 5 hairs depending on the strength of the hair bank and the technique of harvesting the graft. The hair bank behind the head consists of 1 to 5 hair grafts.

The facial hair bank (beard) mainly has single and double hair grafts. The body hair bank, like the chest, consists of single hair grafts.

Surgical method:

In the surgical method, the specialist doctor separates a 6 to 10-inch strip from the individual’s hair bank, mainly at the back of the patient’s head, which contains healthy follicles, and this strip or the same flap is provided to the team to cut or separate the hair follicular units. separated by special microscopes for follicles and ready for the implantation process; This type of hair graft removal from the hair bank is known as surgical method or FUT. Removing the flap from the hair bank is a specialized work and should be done by a specialist and experienced doctor.

In the large collection of Tehran Beauty Center, surgical flap removal is performed with a plastic surgery technique called Trichophytic Closure Technique scarlesse, which has the main advantage over the FUT method of removing the flap from the hair bank without leaving any surgical scars.

Preparation and care before hair transplant surgery

Many people think about how to spend their recovery period, what to do after the completion of their cosmetic procedure in order to witness a better and beautiful result; But it must be said that only following the tips after planting will not be important. If you are looking to perform this safe beauty procedure without any complications, you should also pay attention to the care before performing a natural hair transplant. Below are some of the precautions that you should pay attention to before performing the operation:

By choosing the right clinic, you can play an important role in doing your natural hair transplant as well as possible. Note that not every ad on the Internet is intended to do the best planting.

Choosing an associate doctor is one of the other important points. Be sure to ask the doctor to show you the pictures of the results of the previous hair beauty procedures before the hair transplant.

Determine the desired budget for the operation.

Get some information about hair transplant techniques and methods.

Wash your hair twice a day before natural hair transplant.

Avoid taking medicines such as aspirin or antibiotics, but if you have a special disease and you have to take these medicines, be sure to discuss them with your doctor.

One week before natural hair transplant, avoid taking any supplements, alcohol, cigarettes, vitamins A and B, etc.

Try to follow the mentioned tips so that you don’t get into trouble after doing your beauty procedure.